Mira Rai

She is an ultra runner and bloomist

The Mira Rai Initiative is a charitable organisation registered in Nepal. It aims to create and develop opportunities for young women like Mira to run and develop their talents.

See also: Exchange and empower

The Exchange and Empower program is a collaboration between Hong Kong Trail Running Women and legendary trail runner and feminist Mira Rai. The program aims to provide talented young female runners in Nepal the opportunity to broaden their horizons, experience different lifestyles, and share their stories and culture with others.

Mira Rai Initiative bank details in Nepal

  • Account name: Mira Rai Initiative
  • Account No: 3601017500742
  • Bank name / Address: Nabil Bank, Maitidevi Branch, Kathmandu.
  • Organisation address: Mira Rai Initiative, Amod Marga, ward no. 30, Kathmandu, Nepal.

Contact the Mira Rai initiative

To contact us, simply send an email to info@miraraiinitiative.org

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