Capacity Development

The athletes also have the opportunity to explore, build their life skills, and enrich their personal development through a myriad of holistic development training programs. The training programs are aimed to equip the athletes with skills and assume leadership positions that would be useful to become economically self-sufficient and find sustainable professions in the public and private sectors.

Animal Flow with YogaXRunners

Breathwork With Aigul

Fitness with Suresh Deba

Personality Development With Manzari Singh

Public Speaking With Nishma Choudhary

Yoga With Johanna

Trekking Guide Training

From Trail to Trek, our athletes do it all! They are trained to face every kind of obstacle, be it on Trail or in Life!

Trekking guide training is an essential part of the Exchange and Empower program of Mira Rai Initiative. We want to empower our athletes in every way possible and so this is one of the ways to equip our athletes which will allow them to become financially independent to support their aspirations.

Trekking Industry in Nepal is largely a male-dominated field. However, we believe women are equally capable to lead and guide, and so we see an equal opportunity there. It is a small yet impactful step towards creating a society where women are empowered and where they enjoy equal rights and privileges.

Wilderness First Aid Training

Wilderness First Aid Training is essential for anyone who is planning to spend time outdoors, especially for trail-runners this training is a must.

Himalayan Medics provides us this opportunity of equipping our athletes with the skills and knowledge necessary to head into the wild, feeling confident and prepared to take charge in an emergency medical situation.

Learn English

About the Facilitator: Jacquleine Yvette Eastridge, Pennsylvania USA, a highly accomplished professional with extensive experience in the corporate, financial services and white-collar crime areas of law.

A teacher by profession, she  volunteered by giving English lessons to our alumni.

English Class For E&E 2021

Our athletes are learning to become bilingual which will not only create many opportunities in their lives but also prepare them in every way possible to achieve their dreams.

Volunteer to be an English Language Teacher