A cleaning campaign and awareness event was sponsored by Eco-Marine, a Lantau based nonprofit organization which aims to promote local marine and environmental awareness, and supported by Dakshinkali municipality, on January 11, 2020. There were 65 volunteers who hiked through the trail and picked up the litter and debris that had been left behind. The volunteers also placed 30 dokos (organic bins) 20 sign-boards and notices that prohibited tossing of any waste throughout the trail. Moreover, we also coordinated with the local authorities such as Dakshinkali municipality and local recyclers (kabaadi) to ensure the arrangement for proper and timely management of the waste that is collected from the bins.


The objectives-

– Clean and Maintain the upkeep of trails

– Prevent waste pollution by placing waste collection containers/bins at several spots

– Help establish best practices to protect our environment

– Preserve and promote natural heritages and trails

– Create awareness among people, hikers, campers, and trail runners and the local community to preserve natural trails and instill a sense of responsibility and respect to nature and natural surroundings

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