Ek Paila Agadi

Developed in 2021, Ek Paila Agadi is a program in collaboration with Mira Rai Initiative and Eco Himal to empower young Nepali women, especially those belonging to marginalized and disadvantaged communities by providing the opportunity to focus on  professional development in Trekking Guide and Mountaineering with incorporation of trail running. The program aims to capacitate them with institution building programs, and business development to further their career in mountaineering, trekking and tourism industry.

The Ek Paila Agadi program will be held for 9 months in the training center of Mira Rai Initiative, based in Kathmandu. The candidates are selected from disadvantaged and marginalized backgrounds, having an experience in trail running and who have high motivation to become trekking guides. The 9 months  program includes personalized coaching on trail and ultra running, housing, food, English language training, Trekking Guide training and other skills-based training required in the trekking industry.

Ek Paila Agadi program started from Jan 20, 2022 and will end on September 20, 2022.