Anita Rai


22 year old Anita from Solukhumbu is our first young enthusiastic woman of ‘Ek Paila Agadi’ program. Ever since she was young, she has always been passionate about sports, whether it be running, trekking, hiking, climbing, yoga, etc. She has finished her basic schooling but due to the poor financial condition of her family, she hasn’t been able to continue her education. Abandoned by her family, she moved to Pokhara for a better job opportunity to support her financially and worked as a housemaid to support herself financially. Along with running, she loves trekking as well. She got a training opportunity for a Trekking guide from ‘3 Sisters Adventure Trekking’, where she discovered her love for trekking. Anita has always loved being in nature and she enjoys exploring new trails, making new friends, speaking in English and learning cultures and backgrounds from different parts of the world. Despite the traditional patriarchal society where women struggle for equality in every field, Anita hopes to become a trekking guide and prove that women can do what men can do.