No need to warmup, cool down or stretch, or lift weights or even meditate to access your energy for your sport.

Come and have fun with certified instructor Tite Togni, challenge yourself with workout featuring a structured series of animal style movements which is designed to improve strength power, flexibility, mobility and coordination for all levels of enthusiasts.

When: 26th August 2020, Wednesday,

Time: 8:15 am Italy Time, 

           12:00 pm Nepal Time  

Fee: Pay as YOU WISH (minimum €5), 100% of each ticket will go to Mira Rai Initiative -Exchange and Empower

RSVP: Register below with your name and email address, donate the amount and then you will receive further details.

Meet Tite Togni

Tite Togni is from the Eastern Italian mountains, the Dolomites and spent her infanthood as an ice-figure skater, running regularly in the bush as cross training for her main sport. This explains why she is a strong ultra-trail runner who runs long and hard in the mountains, ‘thanks to yoga’ that keeps her healthy fit as well as integrated mentally, energetically as well as physically.

At 50, in 2014 she ranked 3rd at a Vertical Kilometer race in the Dolomites, won a 3 hour endurance trail race and finished 3rd woman in the grueling Mustang Trail Race in Nepal where she met Mira Rai and in cooperation with Richard Bull managed to invite her in Italy where all her new life started.

As a certified lyengar yoga instructor since 1998, an Animal Flow instructor and Buteyko Method trainee she is devoted to spread Yoga in the runners’ world with her YOGAXRUNNERS project: a comprehensive pre and post run practice aimed at both preventing injuries and enhancing the performance. She is also the author of the volume ‘Yoga e Sport’ within the vast Yoga editorial collection by Corriere della Sera publishing house.

About Mira Rai and Mira Rai Initiative

Starting with nothing from her remote village in Nepal, Mira Rai has survived the war and climbed the highest peaks by running, exceeding everyone’s expectations. Today, she is one of the best ultra-trail runners in the world. She has also become a role model for thousands of Nepalese women because of her gift for running and her international victories which have her the voice to lead another fight, that of the emancipation of the women of Nepal through Mira Rai Initiative. The Mira Rai Initiative gives girls from disadvantaged or underprivileged background, athletic training, education, and professional development in hope that they will create a life beyond their local village. The fund raised will be supporting the scholarship athletes of 2021.

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